A novel PR experience altogether!
Client : TTK LIG Ltd.

Overview : TTK LIG Ltd. has been our client since 1997. We have been associated with the client in the launching, research and follow-up of their various brands Durex, Kohinoor Pink etc.

Objective : Relaunch of Durex condoms, World’s leading condom brand, in India along with a PR strategy to support the brand on a long-term basis and build consumer education and awareness.

Strategy : A strategy involving coverage of the brand in the media on a continuous basis through press conferences, one-to-one interviews, factory visits, advertising, etc. were adopted with inputs from Durex global survey reports. A PR programme to project the company as committed to education and quality was undertaken.

Results : Made Durex an acceptable condom brand in the conservative Indian mindset through rigorous research programmes and PR strategies.
Quest For Quality
Client : TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited

Overview : It was a typical case of “what to give a girl who has everything” with this client who ostensibly had a perfect score of ten.

Objective : A thorough study revealed a tiny incongruity where Prism could make 9.99 a whole 10.

Strategy : We discovered that the impact of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) on the company and its employees was not clearly understood by the media. A program was undertaken to drive home the point that TPM was solely responsible in enabling the client make vital progress in the export market.

Results : Proof of the pudding? Best of best Supplier Award by General Motors, USA, 5 years in a row from 1995 to 2000. Besides, it is the only company in the country to be awarded the prestigious JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) award in the Engineering sector. Further, Sundram Fasteners will always be recognized as a truly global Indian company, a fact validated by the words of Mr. Suresh Krishna, the Chairman, “In the international market, they talk about zero breakdowns; they talk about zero defects; they talk about zero accidents. Zero is a very powerful number when you want to become internationally competitive.
Environmental PR
Client : Thirumalai Chemicals Limited

Overview : In this age of environmental conservation and awareness, people think the chemical industries are environmental hazards.

Objective : The challenge was to change this general perception about chemical industries.

Strategy : A year-long program was drawn up and executed after meticulous study and research. This program included regular visits to the factory, community development, media relations and interaction with the target audience etc.

Results : Each TA was made to understand that TCL has a world-class factory and matching pollution control systems to prevent any inadvertent damage.

Crisis PR
Client : Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.

Overview : Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. located in Karnataka is a Urea and DAP manufacturing plant. After 20 years of problematic operations, the plant made a small profit in 2000. However, the workers were bent on creating problems and demanded unreasonable hikes in the salary, a move that would definitely put the company back in the red.

Objective : We were faced with the unenviable task of resolving this sticky issue.

Strategy : A counter-move was launched which sought to inform the general public about the company’s turn around and seek their cooperation. Simultaneously, the workers were let in on the problems and the prospects faced by the company.

Results : This path-breaking campaign undertaken in Feb-April 2001 that could have placed the company in a vulnerable position was a tremendous success. The company donned a new corporate image and the workers, who responded positively to our initiatives, were rewarded with a healthy work place.

A PR program with a social cause
Client : Madras Craft Foundation - DakshinaChitra

Overview : With focused goals of cultural promotion and vision for the future, its President Dr. Deborah Thiagarajan along with a small group of like-minded persons founded Madras Craft Foundation in 1984 as a non-profit organization. DakshinaChitra, the Madras Craft Foundation’s heritage center was evolved for the preservation and promotion of the cultural identity of the South Indian states.

Objective : To get more traffic into DakshinaChitra.

Strategy : A programme targeting the children as visitors to DC on a regular basis and communicating the same through newspapers with a parallel focus on the middle and upper middle class families particularly housewives to ensure family participation and rapid awareness.

Results : The education programs of DakshinaChitra have become very popular. The number of visitors to DC increased tremendously and their evaluations has been exceedingly positive.

New PR for new technology
Client : RPG Cellular

Overview : Cellular telephony as a product came into the market to fulfill the need of communication anytime and anywhere. RPG Cellular is one among the few cellular service providers in the country to hold a tremendous track record on being the first in a series of achievements - be it the network coverage, subscriber base or launch of new services.

Objective : More than just creating awareness about the company’s activities, the Challenge was to educate the common man about the concept of mobile telephony.

Strategy : An innovative strategy was evolved to drive home the fact that ‘Cellular is for everyone and not the rich man’s prerogative only’ through a series of press releases about how economical and advantageous it is to use a cell phone.

Results : RPG Cellular emerged as the leading name in cellular service in Chennai and is continuing its success steadily.

TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited